Review: Apple's Magic Keyboard was made to hit the road



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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member

    After a few days I do indeed love this keyboard. Switching back to my old Apple keyboard, it feels clunky.


    They did a great job with it. Do I wish it had a backlight? Yeah kinda. But I still love it.

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    pbpb Posts: 4,233member
    Originally Posted by mike1 View Post

    How is the arrow key layout odd???

    It is not an inverted T. For many people, using the arrow keys in inverted T layout is a habit established over years, if not decades. I tried recently a Macbook, which has the same layout for the arrow keys as the new Apple wireless keyboard. I hit very often the Shift key instead of the up arrow key because of that. Perhaps it gets some used to, but I did not like it.

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    I have a logitech full size that has a numeric keyboard BT and solar powered. Works great so far over 1 year.

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    razorpitrazorpit Posts: 1,077member

    Originally Posted by Proximityeffect View Post


    I have a logitech full size that has a numeric keyboard BT and solar powered. Works great so far over 1 year.

    Do you have to use a dongle with it?

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    adhiradhir Posts: 50member
    I don't like wireless. I have the new keyboard because of the keypress mechanism, which is amazing, and because it matches the new trackpad with force touch, which is also amazing.

    I am waiting hopefully for a new wired USB full keyboard with these butterfly switches. Will buy.

    The new feel is fantastic. Honestly.
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    pbpb Posts: 4,233member
    Originally Posted by adhir View Post

    I don't like wireless.


    Now that you mention it, I was always wondering if there are any security concerns while transferring the keyboard signal to a Mac wirelessly. Imagine if someone manages to intercept and decode the keystrokes while you are sending sensitive data, like passwords. Anyone know how likely/easy is this to happen? It was never an issue for me before, because I never had a wireless keyboard, but this may change in the near future.

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    adhiradhir Posts: 50member

    To my knowledge bluetooth as a protocol has various security features built in and has yet to exploited as an attack vector. People have been using bluetooth keyboards for several years.


    My dislike for wireless is based on having to charge and or swap batteries.

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    Originally Posted by qo_ View PostOne thing to mention -- especially in the context of using this as an iOS peripheral -- is that it lacks dedicated keys for iOS gestures like  invoking the app switcher (or whatever one calls the mode when the home button is double clicked or Force Touch invoked from the left screen edge).  So, I'd add this to the "Cons" section in the article (again, especially since the reviewer is recommending it as a complement to iOS devices).  That said, I'm happy with this keyboard and use it with a 6s Plus.


    Don't know about iPhones but for iPads there is an app switcher command; Cmd-tab as on OS X!


    How to quickly switch apps using the Magic Keyboard on the iPad


    And also Shortcuts-reminder:

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    Originally Posted by PScooter63 View Post



    To which keys do you map Cmd, Alt and Ctrl on the IBM keyboard?


    What are the fancy symbols and blue segmented strip in upper ringt corner?

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