Apple's new iPhone 6s ad features NBA star Steph Curry, focuses on Live Photos

in iPhone edited October 2015
Apple on Monday continued to draw on star power for its iPhone 6s ad campaign, releasing a short spot showing off the handset's new Live Photos feature with the help of NBA MVP Steph Curry.

Curry, who made a cameo appearance in a minute-long iPhone 6s commercial that aired on Sunday, got his own 15-second spot showing off Live Photos, a new iPhone feature that lets users capture a couple seconds of action before and after a picture is taken.

In the short clip, the Golden State cager throws up a half court shot, dramatically turns his back on the bucket and walks toward the camera. Nothing but net.

Unlike past iPhone ad campaigns, Apple is enlisting the help of A-list celebrities to push its latest handset. This weekend the company released two shorts starring Jamie Foxx, while past commercials boasted cameos from Selena Gomez and Bill Hader.

Apple's penchant for star-studded commercials goes beyond iPhone, with Hollywood actors featured in Apple Watch ads and pop icons appearing in Apple Music spots.


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    jfc1138jfc1138 Posts: 3,090member
    So that's who that is!
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    I didn't know who it was either but I definitely like the commercial. I decided to pass on the 6s Plus but I love the live pictures feature and this commercial does a great job of highlighting that.
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    So a bit OT, but I think it is worth sharing this video, which apart from being totally cool reminds me of a good ad.


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    The actual photo he took was terrible.
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    xsmixsmi Posts: 138member
    That was probably the second take. Man that guy can shoot.
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    The commercial is in homage to a shot Steph took earlier this year where he made a shot out of corner and celebrated with a teammate BEFORE the shot went it.
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    xsmixsmi Posts: 138member
    Yes. I saw that video.
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    Apropos of nothing, the Nexus 6P is as weak as a kitten's bladder:  

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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,001member
    xsmi wrote: »
    That was probably the second take. Man that guy can shoot.

    He's an amazing talent.
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