Tim Cook highlights iPad's key role in Apple ecosystem as investors shrug



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    The analysts are basically crack addicts with an escalating demand for a greater dose as their tolerance grows. It really doesn't matter where Apple is today, their insatiable habit for the next fix will always be higher.

    iPad is simply a durable product that has no equal. It'll never be able to compete on price for people who don't care about quality and just want to shut up their kids who want a tablet, where any tablet will do. It's basically a replay of the PC market over the past decade. Is anyone really surprised? All these non Apple tablets will just end up being another layer in landfills, landing on top of the composting layer of junk netbooks and Windows PCs. In a thousand years or so archeologists will start digging down through these layers and declare that they've unearthed evidence from the Mediocrity Era, perhaps with a decomposing picture of Steve Balmer and Michael Dell mixed in with the layers of techno junk.

    And they'll submit their findings on a still working iPad 2.
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    Originally Posted by Eriamjh View Post

    Roll iPad sales into "other" so people will STFU about them.

    Do that and Wall Street will discredit Apple for being "evasive", further downgrading the stock.

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    My iPad Air starting gathering dust the day I bought an iPhone6+.  I only use my iPad for ONE iPad-only app that we use for the enterprise.  That's it.  I firmly believe that iPad sales are down for two reasons:


    1 - 6+ phones are being purchased instead of iPads.  Makes sense.  I did it, and am positive many more did it as well.  The iPhone has a higher margin than an iPad as well so Apple wins, instead of that customer leaving and buying a non-Apple product.  Apple is/was smart.

    2 - The tablet market is beginning to saturate.  Many people with iPads don't feel the need to upgrade for a few years as they are so darn reliable.  For many, an iPad is their main "computer" and it does the basics perfectly.  Not much else needed.  

    The Wall Street idiots are being incredibly stupid.  Apple keeps the consumer in their brand.  So even if they lose an iPad sale, they gain that iPhone sale.  WTF?  That's a great position to be in.

    If anything, given the strength of Mac sales, it's Macs that are probably being purchases instead of iPads.

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    Just release a Mac tablet and everybody will ask. And buy.
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