Think Secret and ".Mac" brand



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    [quote]Originally posted by Scott F.:


    I highly doubt that.

    Can you imagine how PISSED Steve would be if he found out that during this *crunch* to get Jaguar buttoned-up and ready for prime time... Developers and designers were wasting time and resources just to make that panel as a joke...? Heads would roll. It's not as if it just took 5 minutes to do... a change like that goes through design AND development as well as copy revisions. MANY people would have seen it before its seeding, and they ALL would have to be in on the "joke".

    I dunno... I just don't see that being the case.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    are you serious? they do just that all the time. please, in the Cheetah days dialogs were full of star wars quotes.

    it's just fun. easy to fix. it's done all the time.

    but this seems strange enough to be true.
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    graphitemangraphiteman Posts: 428member
    Well, johnny_chrome has a good point. The capitalization is inconsistant. I think Apple threw this in (they *are* ahead of schedule) because they know they can't control the plethora of screenshots on the internet, so they may as well give people something else to focus on. Of course, it may be true, and a major componet of the Stevenote.
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    the first thing i thought when i saw this thread was, "apple somehow managed to buy a new top-level domain?"

    not ooh apple is doing neat stuff with the iBrand that sounds just like the .NET crap. This whole thing sucks and if it happens, i'll get mad.
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