AppleInsider podcast talks AAPL earnings, Android switchers, iPad sales, Apple TV, Steve Jobs & more

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On this week's all-new AppleInsider podcast, Neil, Mikey, and Victor discuss Apple's earnings call, Apple TV, and Nvidia deep learning artificial intelligence. Neil has tips about Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9, and we talk about Aaron Sorkin's "Steve Jobs" and its low-performing box office numbers.

AppleInsider staff members Victor Marks, Mikey Campbell, and Neil Hughes discuss these top stories:
  • AAPL earnings: $51.5B on 48M iPhones, 5.7M Macs
  • Apple buys back $14B in stock, still has $205B in the bank
  • China sales surge 99%
  • Android switchers accounted for 30% of iPhone buyers
  • Apple's enterprise business grew 40% in 2015 to $25B
  • Whither the iPad?
  • New Apple TV arrives
  • "Steve Jobs" flops at the box office
  • Apple hiring from Nvidia hints at autonomous vehicle
  • Wi-Fi Assist lawsuit
  • Tips! How to use turn off Wi-Fi Assist
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    Love the AI website and the articles. Not a fan of the podcast, mainly because it just sounds like some frat boys sitting around a coffee table shooting the breeze.
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    The benefit for sales people of a self driving car is not direct to consumer sales but direct to business sales. There are thousands if not millions of people who sell relatively pricey items (about $25,000 and up) to business. There are all sorts of machines and processes and software and chemicals and materials that get sold this way. Yes, people can buy things online, but face-to-face is still a powerful way to sell and if your competitor only sells online then most likely you can best them by having a live person visit and close the deal.


    One problem with this is travel time. Salespeople may spend hours driving from customer to customer. If they had a self driving car, even if that only applied to freeway driving, that would free up hours of time that they could use every day to make calls and get caught up on their reports.

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