Apple issues second betas of iOS 9.2, OS X 10.11.2 to developers

in iPhone edited November 2015
Testing of both iOS 9.2 and OS X 10.11.2 continues, with the second pre-release builds of both platforms issued to registered developers on Tuesday.

The latest build of iOS 9.2 is identified as build 13C5060d. Apple has once again warned developers that devices running iOS 9.2 cannot be restored to earlier versions of iOS.

Its release comes just one week after the first developer beta of iOS 9.2 was issued. The most notable change in iOS 9.2 revealed by Apple is a change to how the Safari Web browser works in third-party apps, enabling user-installed extensions to operate in those conditions.

An initial public beta of iOS 9.2 was also released last week, on Thursday. It's likely that a second iOS 9.2 public beta will debut this week.

As for OS X 10.11.2 beta 2, it is identified as build 15C31f. It also saw its first developer beta launch one week ago, while the first public beta also debuted last Thursday, alongside iOS 9.2.

Finally, iOS 9.2 and OS X 10.11.2 were also accompanied by a new, second beta build of Xcode 7.2. Apple TV developers can also obtain a first beta of tvOS 9.1.


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    Ive not had any problems at all with the 9.2 IOS update but my 17" laptop went into constant "beach ball" mode with the 10.11.2 OS X beta. I've not had any issues with the past 9 betas before the release leading up to 10.11 and none after but Thursday beta brought my laptop to a grinding halt for no reason.

    However on the flip side: my two oldest iMac computers are flying like a bat out of hell on the same beta. All three machines are using the exact same SUPERDUPER build so this is baffling.

    This morning I finally stepped back down to 10.11 GM to see if it fixes the problem. If it does, then I'll try this new beta. If it fixes everything then I'll come back here to update my findings for others that might be in the same boat not knowing what to do.

    UPDATE: problem solved. Whatever was causing the merciless spinning beach balls have resolved themselves with a bounce back to 10.11.1, but jumping straight to the articles new beta did not cause their return either so why this was happening on one out of my 3 machines was a mystery but the matter is solved.

    As for iOS 9.2 beta 2? it continues to be snappy and fast. I had to wait in line for 3 hours to see the new janes bond movie so I put it through a hefty workout and it has no issues I can find.
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    The 9.2 Beta 1 appears to be incompatible with the Adblock for Mobile by Betafish Inc.
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    gbdocgbdoc Posts: 81member

    O-oh, it sounds as if the big problems many (not most, but many) had with 10.11.1 persist in another, but related, form in this beta. Let's hope the final version irons this out. I can't remember any update or upgrade in the past, going all the way back to 1984, which was potentially so damaging.

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    jlanddjlandd Posts: 873member

    We have a variety of iPhone 5's around here and I held off updating after 9.1 made the others pretty miserable.  What's annoying is that one has all the noted keyboard problems in older phones and the other not perceivably, but that one's Bluetooth is now useless, and the keyboard issues while using Bluetooth don't *seem* to be happening on the other one.  Pretty impossible to troubleshoot as far as what the user can do.  Both reinstalled to no joy.  The phones are both snappier as far as what's happening within the devices but the input responsiveness, both for the keyboard and the dialer, are definitely too sluggish. 


    Not on the beta program.  Hope the release version of 9.2 has iPhone 5's performing better.

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