Apple releases second public beta of iOS 9.2 with support for AT&T NumberSync

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Members of Apple's public beta program were issued a second pre-release build of iOS 9.2 on Wednesday, giving users the ability to test AT&T's forthcoming NumberSync technology for receiving phone calls across devices.

NumberSync in iOS 9.2 beta 2, via Jono Haysom.

The public release of iOS 9.2 beta 2 comes one day after it was provided to developers. It is identified as build 13C5060d, and devices running iOS 9.2 cannot be restored to earlier versions of iOS.

After iOS 9.2 launched on Tuesday, it was discovered that Apple has included support for AT&T NumberSync, which is essentially a phone number-based version of Apple's own Continuity. With NumberSync, other devices can place calls and texts over Wi-Fi, such as an iPad or Mac, as well as other non-Apple devices as support for the feature expands.

Users running iOS 9.2 beta to can open the Settings app, choose Phone, then Wi-Fi Calling. From there, tap on Add Wi-Fi Calling For Other Devices, agree to the terms and conditions, and Wi-Fi Calling will be enabled for other devices tied to your iCloud account.

The initial public beta of iOS 9.2 was released last week. It's likely that Mac users will also receive a second public beta of OS X 10.11.2 this week.


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    roakeroake Posts: 801member
    Would this offer anything at all to someone who had only Apple products?
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    Is this only an iPhone 6 feature? Is this feature available on the iPhone 5s (five-s)? Thanks!
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    1.2G (the delta from 9.2 Beta 1) seems like a hefty update for such a minor feature.

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    wigginwiggin Posts: 2,265member
    Originally Posted by Roake View Post

    Would this offer anything at all to someone who had only Apple products?


    I'm not sure the article was quite accurate:


    "essentially a phone number-based version of Apple's own Continuity. With NumberSync, other devices can place calls and texts over Wi-Fi"


    Is NumberSync really limited to wi-fi? From previous stories I thought it also worked over cellular. So in answer to Roake question, if for example you left your iPhone at home but had your cellular enabled iPad you could receive calls and texts on your iPad. Continuity would not provide that as is requires the devices all be on the same wi-fi network as the phone.


    Edit: From AI's earlier article:


    "AT&T NumberSync will operate on the carrier's wireless network with LTE-connected, registered devices, meaning it isn't dependent on a Bluetooth connection to the user's smartphone. NumberSync will work even if a user's smartphone isn't near their other devices, or even if it's completely turned off."


    So this would be quite useful if your phone had a dead battery, was lost, damaged or otherwise incapacitated. And if it works with two phones you could have a 6s+ for work and switch to carrying a smaller, lighter 5s when you don't need the larger screen. Just leave the other phone at home and still be able to get all your calls and texts.

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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,504member
    There has to be a lot more than just this. This was a 1.4GB download for my iPad Air 2. So far, so good though.
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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,878member

    Will this AT&T Wifi Voice call continuity feature to work on iPhone 5s over across to ipad air 2 if IOS 9.2 installed ?

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    Number sync huh? Att you have piqued my interest. Continue.
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    Would it work with an iPod Touch?
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    It seems every tech report site is describing this feature differently.
    As I read this, this allows your AT&T activated cell phone to share its phone number with cellular capable devices, like an iPad with wifi and cellular. The only connection you need is an active cell connection to the non-phone device registered to be sync'd to your cell phone number.

    Wifi and bluetooth are not involved as with Apple's phone continuity, which requires being on the same wifi network; which works great, by the way, in a home office. Also, Apple's implementation requires outgoing calls from a Mac or wi-fi only iPad/iPod to go through your iPhone, which must be turned on and connected to cellular. The AT&T model suggests that the iPhone could be off and you will STILL receive calls to your 'sync'd,' cellular equipped iPad/device.

    I suppose all the confusion will be cleared up when NumberSync actually comes online.
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    Also note that you must have an LTE connection for this feature to show on you iOS 9.2 beta enabled device. Anything less (4G?) apparently does not work. I reside just outside of an AT&T LTE coverage area. I will attempt to activate this feature when I arrive within range.

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    Originally Posted by Roake View Post

    Would this offer anything at all to someone who had only Apple products?


    In addition to @Wiggins points, Continuity requires the devices be able to talk to each other via WiFi. It never works right at work because they have the WiFi system set to block WiFi to WiFi traffic, to reduce security issues. One device rings, you click, it attempts to connect but fails, and the call drops. Continuity isn't smart enough to test the link ahead of time and disable it if it finds a network like this.

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    The option IS NOT showing on my AT&T 5s. Is it limited to 6 and above?? I do nave 9.2 Beta 2 ((13C5060d) installed.
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    Ah, it looks like my Unlimited Data plan is out of luck: "AT&T NumberSync will require an LTE-connected device registered to a shared data plan."

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    This would be nice for me to have a second phone with the same number that I could use when my primary is not charged or maybe not convenient. I have a 5S that makes a better going out to dinner, a movie and dance club companion phone than My 6 Plus
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    From my recent experience and discussion with ATT, The secondary device must have an ATTA LTE chip, HOWEVER, the calls from the secondary device can only be made thru WIFI, not through the LTE connection. Sort of defeats the purpose of paying for the LTE function!
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    The improved WiFi calling feature "AT&T NumberSync" only works with AT&T post-paid accounts (i.e. contract based accounts). Prepaid accounts (i.e. AT&T GoPhone accounts) are not eligible for this feature.  Of course this limitation is only referenced in the small print. Bought an IPhone 6 AT&T unlocked model specifically to avoid contracts. Was hoping to use my iPadAir 2 & MBP for convienent phone calls - nope, I can scratch that iOS 9.2 benefit of the list - AT&T strikes again......

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