Apple's iPad Pro up for preorder at MacMall with slight discount

in iPad edited November 2015
After Sam's Club spilled the beans on Apple's iPad Pro release date earlier on Friday, authorized reseller MacMall is now showing preorder availability for the big-screen slate expected to ship on Nov. 13, complete with early-bird discounts.

At authorized Apple dealer and AppleInsider partner MacMall, iPad Pro models start out at $787 for a 32GB Wi-Fi only version in Space Gray, silver and gold, representing a $12 savings over Apple's own price. According to the online storefront, shipments are expected to ship out within nine days, though recent rumors and a Sam's Club listing pegged launch for Nov. 13.

It appears MacMall will have a full assortment of configurations up for sale at launch, as the company is showing preorder availability for all iPad Pro models. The step-up 128GB Wi-Fi only version comes with a similar discount priced at $937 for Space Gray, silver and gold, while the lone Wi-Fi + Cellular version with 128GB of storage comes in at $1,067.00 for Space Gray, silver and gold.

MacMall is also showing preorder availability for the $99 Apple Pencil and $169 Smart Keyboard, though expected ship dates for those items is listed at four weeks out.

Those interested in reserving an iPad Pro should do so sooner rather than later, as Sam's Club sold out of its pre-sale allotment in just a few hours.

Cramming 5.6 million pixels into a 12.9-inch display, the iPad Pro is designed to maximize screen real estate and can run two full-size iPad Air apps side-by-side. The bigger display allows for a full-size soft keyboard and full support for Apple's latest iOS 9 multitasking features such as Split View, slide over and picture-in-picture.

To power its beast of a tablet, Apple includes an A9X chip that is supposedly 1.5 times faster than comparable desktop processors and features graphics performance twice as fast as the already formidable A8X found in the iPad Air 2.

Other features include an adaptive four-speaker stereo system, 8MP iSight camera, FaceTime HD camera, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Touch ID.


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    I lust in my heart for one of those....(apologies to Jimmy Carter)
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    Shouldn't that be "November 13"?
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    rpeters wrote: »
    Shouldn't that be "November 13"?

    People that order now will find that they've been enjoying using the iPad Pro for two months already. Time travel is so hard to wrap one's head around at times.
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    I'm usually an early adapter and I want the iPad Pro badly but I'm actually going to wait until the iPad Pro 2. I currently have the iPad Air 1 and the thing I really want is the 3D Touch. It's one of the best things about the Apple Watch. I try to stay in cycles with my devices, I update my iPhone every two years. So I'll be getting the iPhone 7 and the Touch ID. I had the original iPad, the iPad 2 and then got the iPad Air 1. So I'm usually around 3 years with the iPads and with the iPad Pro not having the 3D Touch, it makes it a little easier to wait.
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    damonfdamonf Posts: 217member
    There isn't a 64 GB WiFi-only iPad Pro model. There's the 32 GB WiFi-only, the 128 GB WiFi-only, and the 128 GB WiFi+Cellular.
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    rezwitsrezwits Posts: 605member
    You know I was going to wait for the 3D Touch too, cause that would be sick on an iPad Pro 2, but I am like Gazelle, next year we have a date!
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    rcfarcfa Posts: 756member
    3D Touch is less of an issue for a device which is, let's face it, ultimately designed around a pressure sensitive pen.

    It's usable without, but for the things without a pen, it's actually almost too big. But for stylus based work, it's ideal, and you don't need 3D Touch when you got the stylus.
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    apple ][apple ][ Posts: 8,428member

     I read that there is a slight texture to the screen, is that true? I read that when you draw on it, it sort of feels like a pen or pencil on paper.


    When the Disney artists tested the iPad Pro, they said - Interestingly, the artists commented that the device's screen surface has "tooth," or textured roughness, to augment drawing feel.


    I wonder if the screen texture is very different from the previous iPads, and how it feels when just using fingers and not the pen. Will it have any noticeable effect on other types of apps, like games?

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    Hey - site has been down for over an hour (after listing iPad Pro - I just checked CDW and they're also selling the iPad Pro - pro&wclsscat=&b=&p=&ctlgfilter=&searchscope=all&sr=1&pfm=gln

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    jkichlinejkichline Posts: 1,331member
    Just preordered mine from MacMall and their site was having trouble processing the order! I got a notification that It wouldn't be delivered until December 4th or so! Good news regarding demand.
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    asciiascii Posts: 5,941member

    Why give a discount on a brand new product, especially one that's probably going to be sold out for a while anyway?

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    palegolaspalegolas Posts: 1,274member
    rezwits wrote: »
    You know I was going to wait for the 3D Touch too, cause that would be sick on an iPad Pro 2, but I am like Gazelle, next year we have a date!

    A side track.. One thing with 3D Touch is that suddenly any passive stylus is pressure sensitive. I tried a Jot Pro on the iPhone 6S+ and it was pretty impressive how the pressure sensitivity kept up. For my taste I had to set it to light. It felt pretty good.

    I think that I'm one of the suckers that is going for the iPad pro v1. A serious iOS drawing pad is just so compelling in itself. If there's anything a version 2 should have to keep its pro label, in my opinion, it's a USB-C port instead of lightning, for high speed interaction with external storage, such as videos, and as an extended tablet for the Mac. The lighting just isn't fast enough for handling high bandwidth, it seems.

    Any word on a Apple Pencil charger? Perhaps for the extension side port? Or just a short, loose male to female extension cable? I'll be so scared every time I charge the Apple Pencil like advertised. Horrible design. It's so dangerous.
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    Don't let the kids put the Apple Pencil into a sharpener!
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    Ordered mine, plus keyboard and pencil.

    As an AAPL shareholder, I'm also hoping the Pro triggers a new wave of growth -- not just replacement but actually net-new sales driven by use cases that are a good fit for the larger form factor. In my situation, that new use case is displaying sheet music (certainly possible with the 9.7 inch size, but noticeable more legible at the larger size).
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