Apple issues third OS X 10.11.2 beta to public testers

in macOS edited November 2015
Apple late in the day on Wednesday released a third beta version of the upcoming OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan update to registered public beta program testers.

The latest El Capitan beta comes one day after Apple issued a third test version to developers with minor bug fixes and performance improvements. The forthcoming update is not expected to hold major feature additions, but should bring the usual assortment of backend.

As with the developer build, Apple asks public beta testers to focus on Calendar, graphics, Mail, networking, Notes, Photos, Spotlight, USB and Wi-Fi, features under constant refinement. The company has been on a one-week schedule in pushing out OS X betas, the most recent of which contained minor changes to the same focus areas.

Members of the public beta program can download the latest OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan beta via Software Update in the Mac App Store or through the Apple Beta Software Program website.


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    The first beta finally, finally fixed the 10.11 issue of Calendar not syncing with Exchange (2007) though taking 30sec-2 minutes to load data each time it opens. However CalendarAgent was running at 100%-550% of CPU according Activity Monitor, and my MacBook Retina 1.2GHz was barely operating.

    I'm no power user: Mail (locking up, crashing, email address autocomplete taking 10 seconds or more.) Safari failing to load pages fully. Wi-Fi taking 10-15 seconds to other apps typically open.

    With the second beta CalendarAgent resource use is maybe slightly reduced but is still running 100%-200% of CPU typically and that is with Calendar (and Fantastical 2) closed!! Also when open and one tries to edit an appointment, Calendar locks up/crashes. Still takes 30 sec to load data when it opens.

    Astonishing to me that this could be a second public beta.
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    Cool to vent here,


    I hope you are providing this feedback, as a member of the Public Beta test group,

    back to Apple via the Feedback Assistant app.


    Otherwise, your venting falls, on deaf ears.

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    You bet, buffyzdead. I have filed 16 reports to Feedback Assistant since the first public El Capitan beta release on various issues found. I (and our systems administrator) also tried to get the Calendar issue resolved through Apple's phone support without success, though maybe it contributed to their awareness of the issue and the current half fix.

    It is interesting to contrast iOS and OS X at this point, especially as it relates to Exchange compatibility. For someone trying to use a Mac in a corporate environment this is pretty key. We have experienced Exchange issues with every release of OS X going back as far as I can remember. Absolutely none with iOS that I can remember. None.
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    I'd just say be careful about discussing these sorts of things outside of the AppleSeed forums. Apple's a little bit anal about us beta testers not talking about this stuff with non "insiders".

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