DxO One app update to bring Apple Watch support, extended manual control, more

in iPhone edited November 2015
Digital photography specialist DxO on Tuesday announced upcoming availability of the first major app update for its iPhone-connected DxO One camera, promising to augment the accessory with advanced photo functions, an Apple Watch companion app and more.

Due out in December, DxO ONE version 1.2 features all new manual controls that build out the $600 iPhone add-on's capabilities as a pro-am shooter. The accessory boasts a one-inch 20.2 megapixel sensor, f/1.8 prime lens and uses a Lightning-attached iPhone or iPad as a high-resolution viewfinder, touch control panel and Internet access point.

First on the list of version 1.2 app changes is an enhanced manual focus system with granular controls like an onscreen magnification loupe for critical focusing. A new hyperfocal button quickly snaps depth of field to infinity, a useful feature that dynamically updates with aperture modifications.

Sports and wildlife photographers will benefit from faster shutter speeds of 1/16,000 and 1/20,000 of a second, up from a previous 1/8,000 sec. cap. Slow shutter speeds have also been extended to accommodate 30-second exposures, while smart warnings alert users to potential flicker under certain lights, like LEDs.

The DxO One app features a continuous drive mode that allows users to capture multiple photos in quick succession with a long press of the physical or onscreen shutter release. Alternatively, a new Apple Watch companion app serves as a remote trigger for activating DxO One's shutter, particularly useful when shooting in tight spaces. The Watch trigger also eliminates camera shake for long exposure shots.

Version 1.2 brings better viewfinder options with optional overlays for shutter speed, aperture, ISO and EV bias. Some of these functions -- aperture, white balance, shutter speed and more -- are extended to a new advanced video capture mode.

Reviewing content gets more in depth with a top row of overlays for capture mode, shutter speed, aperture, ISO and EV bias, while a bottom row displays flash, metering, focus, white balance and file format information. The photo gallery is now a swipe away, with Maps integration and a handy histogram for checking exposure.

Capitalizing on the selfie craze, DxO built in custom video selfie modes with support for 1080p at 30fps and slow motion 720p at 120fps footage, tap to focus, still frame grabs and sharing via messaging or social media. Similar photo selfie options open up access to all capture settings, a countdown timer and an iPhone 6s Retina Flash inspired fill light mode.

Finally, a firmware update mechanism generates in-app notifications to alert users to newly available software, which can subsequently be downloaded and installed with a single tap.

AppleInsider will be looking into these features and more as part of a forthcoming review.

DxO has not furnished an exact release date, but expects DxO One version 1.2 to hit the iOS App Store in early December.

The DxO One camera is on sale now for $599 and the company is running a holiday sales bundle through Amazon that includes a free 32GB SanDisk Extreme microSDHC card and MeFOTO SideKick 360 tripod adapter.
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