Study: Dissatisfied Apple Watch owners cite lack of features, but half will buy next-gen model



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    No. You didn't read it correctly. They didn't make a big deal about it.

    People such as yourself are unable to read anything that has even the slightest resemblance to criticism of Apple or one of its products without reading something into it that just simply isn't there.

    Since the vast majority of people are happy with the watch, they were curious (as I am sure other people are as well) what the ones that didn't like the watch found to be the biggest problems with the device. It is as simple as that.

    and considering 36% said because of battery life, which is a TOTAL NON-ISSUE, then we can discredit this survey as bunk. next.
    How can you say that battery life is a total non-issue?  It was in fact an issue for those people.  I'm a very happy Apple Watch owner and my battery lasts a day and a half.  It's not an issue for me - because I'm more than willing to charge it daily.  The people in the survey were not - and there is nothing wrong with that!  Perhaps it was their first smart watch and they didn't realize it would have to be charged several times per week.  If they don't want to (or aren't able to) charge their device that often, then that's a valid reason for returning it.  They aren't stating that somebody else's smart watch is better - just that they don't want a watch that has to be charged "frequently".  This can feel looked at as good news for Apple.  It's not a complaint about design or functionality or really anything under the control of Apple.  These people just weren't ready for a smartphone of any kind.  Since Apple has already done all they can with the battery-life with today's technology, and 1% of owners don't like the watch because of battery-life, Apple can ignore that 1% because there is nothing they can do to make things better for those users.  They can move on and looms at the other reasons people were unsatisified and see if theres anything within their control that could improve things for those users.  Anybody who thinks Apple is sitting back saying 97.5% is good enough is an idiot.  Apple is constantly looking for ways to improve their devices and you can be sure that they were interested in the results of this survey.

    Bottom line is that battery-life is not a total non-issue.  It's a very real, very valid issue for 1% of the people in the survey!  
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