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    Warning to anyone upgrading and moves away from Wifi - I left the house before the installation was complete. A while later I opened Apple Music to find that it was re-downloading every track I had saved offline. This would have eaten though a significant amount of my data allowance had I not hit the cancel all downloads button at the bottom of the list!

    This happened to me before when I logged out of iCloud and back in. I soon got a text from my network provider telling me I was almost at the end of my limit when only recently I had a few gigs left. As far as I can tell it was Apple Music re-downloading all the music I had saved offline before I logged out.
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    9.2 also helped me get back my Contact Groups in order alphaebetically. Finally all good now
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,253member
    Man, this is a first world problem, but why can't the make 3D Touch work in Spotlight Search? 

    When searching for an app that's tucked away in a folder, 9 times out of 10 I use the search, if 3D Touch doesn't work in the search function then it becomes useless for those apps. Unless of course I want to search manually for them, but the time it takes to do that negates the whole idea of a "quick select" that the 3D Touch enables. 
    I suspect that as 3D Touch is so new, it's missing features that we may yet see. It's like Touch itself. It took a year before we got a number of things we wanted, and no doubt, we'll get more over the years. That will happen with this to.

    I'd rather they don't take on too much at first. Remember that all those features need to be debugged. More time, more effort.
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