Teardown of Apple's Smart Battery Case exposes 1,877mAh battery, simple design



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    I wish iFixit would just go away.  The whole premise of repairability for most of the devices they tear-down is nonsense.  Especially with this power case, which is literally impossible to dissemble without *destroying* it!  

    Here's a hint dumbasses, if you have to do a *destructive* tear-down, then what you are doing cannot by definition have anything to do with "repairability" can it?  That's simple logic.  
    It's mostly about dissecting, not repairing, for a large number of items iFixit rips apart. It's still interesting to see internals of items that the average person would never get to see, otherwise.
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    Unfortunately that's not what the general public thinks. They think Jony Ive is all about making things "pretty". Until of course they do but it doesn't function the way someone wants; then Jony Ive is an asshole for not considering functionality.
    I think you'd be disappointed to find that Ive doesn't design everything, especially now. He has input and signs off on designs of the devices but the main bulk of the design is done by another English guy and his team.
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    who would think that a lowly battery case would be a bonanza of yarn to spin by the Apple Tech pundit press.  
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    lmaclmac Posts: 205member
    Seems like an odd market for Apple to be in, and one that has generally been left to the aftermarket. If the phone battery doesn't last long enough, maybe the phone should be a bit thicker?
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