Poll: What is your favorite iOS news app?



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    I like Zite too. 

    I would love to use Apple News, but I'm not in the USA.... (Really strange why a news app is location specific...)
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    IMO, this is a meaningless poll without "Newsify" on the list.  All other news apps, news aggregators, news anything apps don't compare to the versatility and usefulness that Newsify gives it's users.  Every family member and friend I've showed it to has switched to using Newsify to get their news.   Great app, great support.  (no, I'm not affiliated in any way to the developer.  Just a very happy customers.  :-)
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    It's the only one worth considering IMO because you can add any site or even sub-site to it; categorize to your hearts content; and it's cross platform and cross browser.
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    I like the new Apple news app, however, Flipboard overall just has a better feel. The apple news app just seems to lack something. When I see the two on my iPhone side by side I go to Flipboard first. But I hope apple keeps working on the news app. 
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    AppleInsider is trying to find the best news app for iOS. Vote for your favorite app and we'll tell you the winner next week.

    Last week we revealed your favorite note taking app for iOS. This week we're asking you to vote for your favorite news app for iOS. You nominated these apps on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Here are your top seven. You can vote at the bottom of this article. If you have a favorite that didn't make the list, you can add it to the poll with a Here are the nominees:

    This wouldn't be much of a list without the recently-released Apple News app that comes with iOS 9. It looks like Apple took many design cues from Flipboard, using a similar magazine-style layout. Apple News claims to learn your news preferences as you read and "heart" articles.

    Was there every a results of the poll?  
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    First of all Breaking News app is my favorite one. Even I can't imagine a single day without this. Interesting!
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    Was there every a results of the poll?  
    I can't find out the poll. Where it is?
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    Do we have a winner yet?  It's been about two months.  I would be interested in what others voted on. 

    Thank you!  Love these polls....
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    Hey Nate Hansen, it's been 5 months now.  Will there be a published report on the poll results?  
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