Expansion to new third floor nearly complete at Apple Store in Hong Kong's IFC Mall

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Apple's first retail store in Hong Kong will soon offer three floors of shopping space, once renovations are completed at the IFC Mall location.

Construction on the IFC Mall store is nearly complete, photos captured by AppleInsider this week reveal. Passersby on the third floor can see a sign stating the new third floor is set to open "soon."

"We're taking things up a level," it reads.

The IFC Mall location will feature a separate staircase to access the new third-floor expansion, rather than making the existing staircase taller.

Apple hasn't officially announced when the new third floor will open, but from outside the store it can be seen that lights are already turned on in preparation for the expansion.

The mall at the International Finance Center is home to Apple's first-ever store in Hong Kong, having originally opened in 2011. The building is a waterfront commercial development in the city's Central District, featuring a four-story shopping center.

Apple's IFC store is famous for stretching across a roadway that runs underneath the building.

Apple opened its 28th store in China last week, with plans to have a total of 40 retail locations in the country by the middle of 2016. The company's aggressive expansions continue as China is on the verge of becoming Apple's largest market.


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    red oakred oak Posts: 1,001member
    This one store generates more revenue in China than Google, Amazon and Facebook combined 

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    amazing branding. it's as if all the shoppers are actors in one big commercial that every freaking driver and passenger sees every freaking day they drive on the highway. every day they see hundreds of people buying apple products and the giant glowing apple logo. brilliant.
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    badmonkbadmonk Posts: 1,150member
    No no no.  A Wall Street analyst will come up with an alternative explanation.
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    Looks cool. I'm going to Hong Kong next year in May, hopefully it's finished by then. Are apple products cheaper in HK?

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