Adobe Lightroom, Facebook Messenger update with 3D Touch & other improvements

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Adobe and Facebook each released major iOS app updates on Wednesday, upgrading Lightroom and Messenger, respectively, with 3D Touch plus a number of other features.

One of Lightroom's 3D Touch commands lets users jump to the in-app camera from the homescreen icon. The other makes use of peek and pop in the Grid View, enabling quick previews of photos.

Lightroom now also supports the iPad Pro -- in the app's iPad version -- and five "shoot-through" presets, which will filter photos from the in-app camera as they're being shot. These presets can be previewed before hitting the shutter, or adjusted after the fact. Adobe notes that the filters are limited to 64-bit devices, meaning the iPhone 5s/iPad Air or better. The in-app camera can also be triggered through an added Notification Center widget.

New Split Tone adjustments let users apply tones to highlights or shadows. Elsewhere Adobe has made improvements like faster photo import, and simpler addition of photos to multiple collections.

Both versions of Lightroom are free, though some features require a Creative Cloud subscription.

Facebook Messenger

The latest version of Messenger offers a single new 3D Touch command, but an important one, letting users send a message from the homescreen.

Another improvement is the ability to reach anyone on the service by sending a message request. While requests can be sent without Friend status or a phone number, recipients must accept the request to actually chat.

Messenger is free and runs on any device with iOS 7 or later.
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