Apple to host artistic iPhone photography & iPad illustration workshops at retail stores

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Apple is beginning a new series of retail workshops meant to teach its customers more artistic skills, not just technical ones, according to an announcement.

Starting next month, Apple Stores will offer higher-level iPhone photography workshops covering "various accessories and techniques," including things like long exposure, timelapses, and macro imaging, the company said in a statement. Students will also be taught artistic editing approaches.

Another set of workshops will teach drawing, painting, and sketching on an iPad. As a part of the company's "Start Something New" marketing campaign, Apple will even host some artwork in stores and on its website.

The iPad workshops are presumably part of Apple's effort to promote the iPad Pro as a artistic tool. The tablet has an extremely responsive touchscreen, intended mainly for use with the Apple Pencil, a stylus that responds to both pressure and tilt much like a real pencil or brush.

Apple already offers a basic iPhone photography workshop, as well as sessions on using Photos for OS X, but the new material should target people already comfortable with essential functions. The iPad workshops will be the first of their kind.


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    I hope by the time the drawing and painting workshops start there are Apple Pencils available in store. I think they still show 4-5 week delay online.
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    I'd like to see the scope expanded beyond artistic drawing to technical drawing and sketching. iPad Pro and Pencil are very useful for documenting things with sketches that are not art. 
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    Don't get too excited, the employee that will facilitate the workshop will have about an hour to prepare for the workshop. Won't have iPad Pro setup to demo the workshop and will have to pull the Pencil from the floor model because there will be no stock in the store.
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