App Analytics data now available for tvOS apps

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2016
Overshadowed by Monday's tsunami of iOS, Mac and tvOS beta releases, Apple announced an expansion to its App Analytics tool that lets developers measure user engagement and monetization of tvOS apps.

In a post to its developer website, Apple says App Analytics for tvOS offers data breakdowns similar to titles sold on the iOS and Mac App Store, including page views, downloads and overall engagement. Other measured metrics include sessions, active devices, retention, crashes and in-app purchases.

A new feature lets developers measure the impact of cross-platform marketing by seeing how many users gained from an iOS campaign opened the same app on Apple TV. In these early days of Apple's tvOS App Store, crossover with iOS is an important facet in gauging success, as many app makers are pushing big screen ports of smartphone and tablet wares.

Apple first introduced App Analytics as a limited beta last April, opening the trial to all registered developers two weeks later. The service exited beta last June with a number of feature additions and increased engagement granularity.

As it stands today, App Analytics tracks performance metrics that go far beyond downloads and into time spent in-app per day, regional popularity, marketing reach, crash analytics and powerful comparison tools.


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