Apple's 'Project Titan' chief to reportedly leave company, car team under pressure



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    I realize this is all rumour and clickbait but here's my take that I just pulled out of my ass.

    The team working on Apple's car project has encountered problems with setting and meeting "clear goals," while executives push for overly ambitious deadlines.
    Ambiguous goals I think is the key here. If you are tasking someone to create the next big thing (self-driving electric car) and your company is entirely new to that space, you need to have a leader with a clear goal that can drive the entire team and grind them into the dust until they accomplish it. This is why Steve Jobs was so good at this, he had the personality to drive people beyond what they thought was possible. Elon Musk has a very similar personality to Jobs, he will push people past their limit to get things done and doesn't mind being an asshole in the process if that's what it takes. Apple currently doesn't have anyone with this sort of personality. Although they have great talent, the personalities are too soft to accomplish great things that push past the edge of what we think is possible.
    So basically you've just piled on to the rumor and clickbait with more nonsense of your own.
    Should we submit our opinions (which is what this tech website and the comments section is about) to you prior to posting? I at least stated that I pulled it out of my ass and my statement is not supported by any evidence. Try not to fall off that high horse.
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    Been a fan of Apple for over 20 years but unless another visionary enters the picture who is more concerned about growing a business then I'm afraid Apple will fall to a mediocre company at best.

    The Mac used to be incredibly advanced and intuitive but has grown more complex, buggy, and unintuitive. I just used iPhoto tonight for a little more than just browsing and most intuitiveness has been dismantled. It has a horrible UI. Other apps are going the same route, such as Mail, which is pretty terrible too.

    Apple needs to be less of a corporation catering to the politically correct and more like a slightly crazy person believing he can change the world.
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    mj webmj web Posts: 918member
    According to met crystal ball, he clashed with Jony Ive and got pushed out.
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