Microsoft Windows Phone chief Joe Belfiore tweets from an Apple iPhone



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    jibberj said:
    Not that it's the same, but I used to be in the snowboard industry and we would always have pro's come to us and ask us to help them make one of our products look like it was from their sponsors, because their products were inferior and made them ride badly. One whole company pretty much rode fake versions of their boards. It's easy to support the top product but tough to use the inferior ones, when you can't chose anything else. Unfortunately, not everyone can work for Apple. But just as we used to tell those riders, don't get caught.
    That's called having zero integrity. I'd never promote anything I wouldn't personally buy for myself with my own money. 
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    A NINE MONTH leave of absence? Why does he still work at Microsoft?
    Because one accomplishes the same by either working, or on hiatus for 9 months at MS.  :D
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