Wall Street expects $76.5B in revenue from Apple in record breaking holiday quarter



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    ac1234ac1234 Posts: 138member
    Well, as of 1:29 pst there is no "buy on the rumors" driving the stock so we are left with the "sell on the news" ....
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    gatorguy said:

    sog35 said:
    No. You are spewing BS.  You are comparing Apple which sells the hottest devices on the planet to a company selling cereal in the supermarket.
    Its a know fact that stores like Walmart/Bestbuy/Target sometimes sell Apple products at a loss to attract customers into the stores.
    Where did you find this known fact? Never ran across it before in my reading. 
    There aren't any facts out there one way or another, but the iPad Mini has been a hot seller this year, not just this Christmas, Why would Apple discount it?

    I'm sticking to the loss leader to drive sales to brick and mortars. Maybe your reading indicates "facts" otherwise.


    From the AI post on Apple's record financials;

    Gross margin was 40.1 percent, compared to 39.9 percent in the year-ago quarter. Earnings per share was $3.28, up from $3.06 a year ago.

    Not buying into the Apple supported discounts meme.
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    gatorguy said:
    jbdragon said:
    Wait, I thought all these people were saying Apple sales were going to be disappointing. I'm a little confused. Now just before Apple's report, they're singing a different tune? Is this more stock manipulation?
    It was never about the currently reporting quarter. It's the next one that been under the microscope. Some posters here just misunderstood it. 
    Why Of Course!!!

    It's always "next quarter, next quarter, next time, next time...."

    Who cares what Apple's reality is, they're soooned to be dooooomed :(
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