Rumor: Apple has 'hundreds of staff' working on virtual & augmented reality projects



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    apple ][ said:
    Good! Apple should be working on so many different types of projects.

    In a year or two from now, I would like to be wearing Apple VR goggles on my head, and I will maybe be playing some cool, new 3d game, or perhaps having virtual sex with SIRI.

    Apple needs to be on top of things, and they need to be coming out with products that will just punch people in the face when they arrive. Products that people are not expecting from Apple, and products that have not been leaked.
    You should know better apple][. Apple will never release a VR headset for geeks, ever. That is something Google or Microsoft would do. Apple is far more likely to be working on augmented reality for the iPhone and iPad (which could possibly have long term application on the Apple car windshield), stuff normal people would want and has practical applications.

    Unless you were trolling and it went over my head.  :s
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 18,293member
    This may be why Apple is so hell bent to thin and lighten the iPhone, even at the expense of battery life. For many use cases, a $600 peripheral will be overkill; the phone itself will be the preferred display. It can snap into an inexpensive holder that fits your face.
    You mean two iPhones I assume ;)
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    I see no widespread use for VR, it's pure gimmick and has been since its inception. AR also has limited utility. Where's the problem it's solving? It's a "solution looking for a problem" and that ALWAYS fails.
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