Apple supplier Sony takes hit in December quarter on lower image sensor sales



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    cnocbuicnocbui Posts: 3,613member
    foggyhill said:
    cnocbui said:
    So you are saying the DSP in an iphone allows you to take decent shots of moving subjects in low light and with the iphone also in motion?
    Being able to set up the shot fast, move on to the next shot, is what enables to take good shot when there is movement.Got that buddy.
    There is a hell of lot of processing inside a modern camera; some dedicated, some in software.
    Basically, you are yet another of those who play idiot in your responses.
    Well, you can play that little "idiot game" all by yourself now. Amuse yourself.


    I do have some idea of the basics of photography, which is why I asked those questions.  I currently shoot with an Olympus E-M1.
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    Samsung is DOOMED. 
    That is what this news means.
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    foggyhill said:
    Good grief, really, lower orders? Apple is buying all their sensors?

    The bullshit narrative is off the chart; it's relentless, Apple is not only doomed, it dooms the rest of the world too...

    To paraphrase from Shakespeare's "A Comedy Of Errors", Apple is so doomed that if Apple survived upto doomsday, it would burn a week longer after the rest of the world had burnt out.
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