London mayor tried to convince Apple to sponsor 'Garden Bridge' project



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    Seriously ladies and/or gents, I came to appleinsider just now to get away from r/SandersForPresident and read something decidedly not political. Political Revolution aside, I just want to read some comments from people holding out hope for a 17" MBP and arguing over Jony Ive's obsession with thin. 
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    apple ][ said:
    Good! Apple should not be sponsoring that project. And besides, the idiot mayor of London insulted the next President of the United States, so any American company should not be doing business with such lowlife types.
    I don't remember him insulting Sanders...
    Colonel Sanders has risen from the dead and is running for president? Oh, wait... you meant that Socialist sock puppet for Hillary who has as much chance of winning as Frosty the Snowman.
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    scotty d said:
    Tell them they'd be happy to participate as long as they get the EU to agree to "cease and desist" with their confiscatory tax proposal!
    From a EU mainland perspective, I'd let that British plan for a bridge fall into the Thames millions of years before I'd let big US (and European) corporations abuse rules that only very big, healthy companies that should pay as much tax as our governments can make them pay can afford to abuse.

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    Why is Ai's app so broken?!
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