Environmental concerns slow progress on Apple's new Irish data center

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Progress on Apple's new ?850 million data center in Ireland is reportedly at a standstill as the Irish government continues to sort out complaints about the project's potential to harm local wildlife.

Apple's datacenter in Maiden, North Carolina

Despite receiving the go-ahead from local officials in September, Apple must wait while an independent review board -- An Bord Plean?la -- considers follow-up appeals by environmentalists, according to Business Insider. The board is tentatively set to rule later this month, though local officials believe the timeline will be extended.

"Often [the board's] response is we won't decide on this for another month," Galway County Councillor Peter Feeney told the website. "And then when that date comes up, they would delay again. They are obliged to respond [to complainants] but not make a decision."

Feeney expects a decision in June, while Apple believes the final ruling will be made by March.

Galway residents first raised concerns about the project last June, calling Apple's environmetal impact assessment "inadequate." The county council subsequently granted Apple permission to continue building the first of eight data halls slated for the site, with the caveat that the company re-apply for permission before constructing each additional hall.

The near-$1 billion data center is designed to serve European consumers with iTunes, iCloud, and other on-demand content from the Apple ecosystem. A sister site is being developed in Denmark, and that project appears to be running smoothly.


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    cnocbuicnocbui Posts: 3,613member
    An Bord Pleanála is a pox on this country. I have dreams of Gilliam's giant Monty Python foot descending from the clouds and splatterating the lot of them. I'm surprised the far, far worse mob of poons - An Taisce - haven't got in on the act to delay things till next century. Pick another country Apple, those two organisations of enviro-trolls won't be letting you across any bridge soon.
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    I'd not commit to any further Ireland developments without some certainty about that fraudulent "back taxes" issue.
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    cnocbuicnocbui Posts: 3,613member
    I'd not commit to any further Ireland developments without some certainty about that fraudulent "back taxes" issue.
    Apple are big boys.  I am pretty sure they and the govt had an inkling the EU might not like it if it was found out and made public.  They probably thought 'nothing to lose and billions to gain' - which is exactly the case.  Apple would not be asked to pay any more than they would have paid if the deal hadn't been made.  Stop making out as if they are being robbed.
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    steviestevie Posts: 956member
    Don't these people even realize that Apple is one of the greenest companies on earth?
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    ksecksec Posts: 1,551member
    Great, It is good to know why the Ireland DC is on hold for such a long time.
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