Apple chip supplier TSMC says earthquake damage will have bigger impact than expected



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    maxitmaxit Posts: 222member
    Expect dual sourcing again ?
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    wood1208 said:
    TSMC needs to build backup Fabs outside of Taiwan in part of Europe or USA. TSMC don't want to give Samsung or anyone opportunity to come-in take away current or future business. I am sure this will not affect iPhone 7, 10nm A10 production which is several months away.
    Along similar lines, I wonder, when western California splits off from the main land, if Apple have a contingency plan.

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    maxit said: Don't you know ? The "Space Ship" actually is a Space Ship: it will fly
    Well, I've been waiting years and years for our local space ship to fly, here at the University of Illinois, and it hasn't moved an inch. 

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    hmmm I am here in Tainan at UMC (which is next door to TSMC fabs) and the semiconductor equipments are shifted here and there even they have seismic brackets to lock them to the pedestal mounting. Wall partitions have cracks and tempered glasses have shattered

    How can TSMC not be affected as earlier reported by them?
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