Protestors gather at San Francisco Apple Store to support fight against government backdoors



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    Here is the full document, only three pages and an easy read:

    Apple's refusal to help with a terror investigation where 14 people were butchered has erased my sympathy and appreciation for them. At this point I am ready to see Tim Cook perp walked into a jail cell and am now annoyed it has not yet been done.

    What has been asked of them is easy for Apple to do and would cost them nothing. The court has directed that Apple be paid for its work. The court allowed that Apple could contain the work to their own facility. The court order makes it clear that the hack should be keyed to the phone's unique identity and that it must not work on any other phone. If Apple has further concerns over containing their modified OS they should propose additional security safeguards. Be a part of the solution, haggle this thing out. Not pull a Public Relations stunt, which is all this is truly about.

    For example Apple could have proposed:

    1. No network connectivity. Do the work on isolated, stand-alone computers.

    2. Isolation from cell tower and wi-fi signals. This can be done with commercially available jammers or a Faraday cage room. Or both.

    3. No viewing of the OS source code by non-Apple employees.

    4. The phone leaves Apple facility only with the original OS and content restored, not with the altered OS.

    5. Apple makes it clear they will destroy the work when finished. They should not do that, but they are behaving like spoiled brats so I expect them to do this anyway.

    The only reason Cook is not making such a counter offer is because he does not want to be involved in solving crimes. Not even if he is paid to do so. Because the world's troubles are not Apple's concern, only PROFIT is Apple's concern.
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    enuf said:
    Because the world's troubles are not Apple's concern, only PROFIT is Apple's concern.
    Nah, seems they care about the Constitution.
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    its actually not in the constituion, anything about privacy
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    there's no mention of privacy in the constituion. i wish people would quit spouting this.
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