Netflix refreshes iOS app with 3D Touch, iPad Pro support & more

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Netflix released a major update to its iOS app on Wednesday, introducing things like 3D Touch for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and a newly optimized layout for the iPad Pro.

The app's 3D Touch support consists of peek-and-pop gestures, letting users see a synopsis of a movie or TV show without jumping to the item's page. People can also use these previews to do things like launch a video, or add and remove content from a watchlist.

The new iPad Pro layout is similar to the regular iPad interface, but now correctly scales elements for the Pro's 2048-by-2732 display. Another popular video app, YouTube, made a similar upgrade on Tuesday.

Netflix has also revised the Kids interface across iPads, and carried its "Post-Play" features over to the iPhone. Already available on many other platforms, Post-Play will automatically queue the next episode in a TV series, simultaneously making recommendations on things to see later.

Other changes include general performance tweaks, and Arabic support on devices with iOS 9 or better. The update is a free download for Netflix subscribers, and requires iOS 8.


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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member
    ...And no PiP support.

    Apple: time to start setting the bar higher for the content on your store. You've done a great job blocking out the noise and ensuring the best quality content is available on iOS. Now you need to get heavy-handed with developers that are reaping the benefits of the iOS ecosystem, but can't be bothered to expend development time to incorporate features from 2013, let alone 2014, or 2015. 2016's list of new APIs is bound to be grand. Let's hope we see those features built into the Apps that matter before some time in 2019.
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    They need to update their AppleTV app for the 4.  It's terrible compared to the 3's version, which is already terrible compared to the iOS versions. 
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