Apple releases Apple TV Tech Talks video series for building better tvOS apps

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Apple on Wednesday released to developers a series of videos focusing on Apple TV and its tvOS operating system, offering a detailed look at the underlying SDK, resources and best practices associated with coding for the platform.

As noted on Apple's developer webpage, the Apple TV Tech Talks video series is a compilation of taped sessions at which developers received firsthand training on how to design and develop apps and games. The site features 11 videos in all, each led by Apple experts discussing different aspects of tvOS.

Session video range from a broad overview of tvOS and its capabilities to more nuanced issues like app tuning and designing focus-driven interfaces with UIKit. More technical topics include TVMLKit, provisioning for on-demand resources and data storage -- a feature that support slimmed-down app installs -- and attaining smooth media playback.

The talks also cover new hardware released with the fourth-generation Apple TV last fall. One sessions focuses exclusively on the touch- and motion-sensitive Siri Remote, as well as game controllers, both major additions to Apple's set-top box ecosystem.

All 11 Apple TV Tech Talks are available for viewing through Apple's developer portal for free.


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    I have used the 4th gen Apple TV for about 3 months now, and i must say, i am becoming a bigger fan every day i use it. Now, i can't really imagine going back to the old ways of watching TV. I hardly watch any live TV anymore (apart from morning news) and i rarely see interrupting commercials.

    I see what i want, when i want, from start to end without interruptions - and all with the simplicity of one single (and beautifully designed) remote.

    Sure, we need more original content and there is still work to be done on the app store, but with every software update, it is getting better. Keep them coming!
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