Maricopa County Attorney bans employees from getting new iPhones, says Apple is 'on the side of ter



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    Following the same thinking, we should boycott all the manufacturer's of the guns, cars, businesses, employers, and housing used by the terrorists. They all contributed to them being there...
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    foggyhillfoggyhill Posts: 4,767member
    Can they sued for libel for that. This seems to be a pretty extreme declaration.
    That they can control everything ewith MDM and those twits in San Bernadino could have done the same doesn't come into their little heads.
    It taints any cases relating to an Iphone too.

    I've got the idea that he's going to hear from Apple's own legal eagles pretty soon.
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    Class A1 idiot.
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    davidwdavidw Posts: 2,081member
    Arizona is one of the States with the least restrictive gun laws. And this maroon is saying that Apple is supporting terrorist? The last I checked, terrorist can kill more innocent citizens with easily obtainable guns than iPhones.

    I'm not for the banning of all guns and do think government should have some control and regulations. But how is Arizona gun laws (or lack there of) not on the side of the terrorist?  

    Among other things, Arizona does not:

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    Wow, way to let emotions drive your decision making abilities. Sounds like a good SCOTUS candidate to me.
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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,920member
    Isn't he being County attorney paid by tax money so what right he personally has to impose any such restrictions on employee ? This is no private organization.
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    Is that even legal... On what grounds .. If anything its the safest phone to use. Who the F is he to tell what phone employees can or cannot use... As long as its a safe phone. Whats his case " u cant use this phone becouse i have a political issue with it..?" That's absurd !
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    eightzeroeightzero Posts: 3,097member

    eightzero said:ABSOLUTELY. THEY ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS not these Gods you worship.

    Worshipping police is what got kids raped, elderly killed and disabled people beat.

    I live in Arizona and let me tell you the police have no bounds to brutality. In my neighborhood 2 cops beat and used a tazer on a 9 year old girl for fun. ZERO prosecution for the cops and the little girl got ZERO representation because she was an orphan who couldn't afford a lawyer. We had people like you worshipping the police and making excuses for these 2 grown men repeating the old cliche "the police did the right thing".

    Almost all traces of this incident have been removed from the internet but look up "A. Teyechea cop beats 9 year old".

    If we continue to put public servants and politicias above us then don't complain when grandpa is beat on the street over a traffic stop or your daughter is raped for fun with no prosecution for the police who commit the crimes.

    Police who commit crimes(updated daily) and the politicians who stand with them:
    Who needs to afford a lawyer for a lawsuit? They get paid a percentage of the settlement. 
    I did not say that. Your quote is wrong. Please correct it.
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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 5,043member
    cali said:
    I'm VERY familiar with this county and let me tell you they are VERY cruel to their people. Search "maricopa injustice" it's horrifying.

    A close friend of mine was blamed for a crime and was proving himself innocent in court after being raided by a clueless FBI team. The county decided to put his face all over the news as a dangerous man BEFORE he was even tried. When he was proven innocent the FBI and Joe Arpaio had a meeting and said they "had to" charge him of a crime because it would make them look bad after showing him to be a monster on TV. They agreed that if the public saw that they "made a mistake" it would hurt their reputation. Now my friend was charged with lifetime probation and has had half his rights taken away for LIFE from simple things like going to the movies to using a computer.

    Evidence of his innocense was meaningless to Maricopa County.

    That is the problem in this country, the it does not cost the government a thing to be wrong, and to make it worse, they will do exact as the about to make sure they are never seen as being wrong. It cost people lots of money to deal with government mistakes and they know they have this power over most people so they use it without any second thoughts. Dr do the exact same thing they will never say they every made any mistake because if they did their reputations are at risk.

    This is another thing people should be allow to do is when the government fails to win their case they have to pay all costs including your costs. I bet they would thinks twice about these kinds of actions and when they loose they have to publish to the world they lost and how much money they cost tax payers each and every time.

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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 5,043member
    freerange said:
    So what did law enforcement do before smart phones? Oh, that's right, they did their fk'n jobs with the resources they have. But unfortunately, suppressives are taking over the country, and the dumbing down of the general public continues.

    Back in the day I use to listen to police scanner to hear what was going on around me. Recently I got back into especially with bad weather to find out where issue are. Today you hardly hear any charter on the scanners, you may here an fire call or an EMT call, but very little with the police. The reason why the Police hardly use their two way radios, they are all on their cell phone. Why they do not want the public listening into what they are doing anymore.
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    Since we're not policy writers, we aren't often presented with such a clear view of how utterly brain-numbingly uninformed some people are in government.

    Yet this petty diatribe, from an attorney no less, gives anyone with even a basic understanding of technology a very clear picture about just how clueless this prat is.

    Then again, one only needs to look at how quickly these spineless tools backflip the moment a business states their intention to leave the state.
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    Wait, so I misread it as Crapola? My bad :p Anyway, one person's folly does not make the others. Hopefully people can use their common sense rather than short-sighted reaction.
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    george li said:
    if this gentleman's logic holds, we should stop using guns fighting the terrorists... because guns are in fact the official weapon of terrorists and criminals. Sticks and Knives for our field FBI agents and law enforcement... make sense? ugh.. dumb politicians! 
    It's patently amazing how right you are and how missed this truth is!  If the government was truly concerned about terrorism, they'd enforce gun laws and add a few practical new ones.  Dumb doesn't cover it.  
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    I am sure they meant to say iOS7 but do not know the difference, which they should try to get the simple facts in order when arguing about complexities of the rights afforded to us. That said, I do not get why apple should under the 4th amendment have the right to unlock my property (iPhone) they can give (and I think they have) all the info they have regarding that phone and its account but doesn't a warrant go to the person in custody of the information not the company that made what ever it is located in? Do they get access to homes by going to a lock company? If the owner of the thing is longer there to open a safe that cannot be cracked should the creator of the safe make a new safe that is less secure?
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    They all already, likely, have a 6 or 6s (or plus')... bet he will forget about this stance come September.
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    if county paid for monthly charges - they do have some legal right.. If you use county laptop for such activity - I am sure people wont look at that with a frown eye would they? phone is new computer ... many companies have bring your phone and we pay monthly policy -- it needs clarification who owns the content -- not the device.. 
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    Like Apple cares? Lol!!!
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