Macs will be able to stream PS4 games over Wi-Fi 'soon,' Sony says



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    barthrh said:
    auxio said:
    I'm trying to figure out the big deal about this feature... other than the fact that it doubles your power consumption while gaming. Is it for people who don't have a regular television and need to send video output to a monitor which is connected to a PC/Mac? Or does it allow multiple people to play at the same time (using multiple screens)?
    Just yesterday I was playing PS4 (it's in the basement) and thinking that it would be nice to play some games on my computer. Maybe it's sunny, or I feel like the iMac screen, or I want to play a game that works best with KB/Mouse. Then lo and behold... today's news.
    I'd be surprised if you can actually use kbd/mouse, tho'. PS4 games are made without kbd/mouse support, in general. Without knowing all the details, I'd expect that you will have to plug PS4 controller to your computer's USB port. Or connect it via BT. Any reliable info on this?
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