Apple seeds fifth public & developer betas of iOS 9.3, new developer betas of tvOS 9.2 and watchOS

in iPhone edited March 2016
In tandem with a new beta of OS X 10.11.4, Apple on Tuesday released fifth betas of iOS 9.3, tvOS 9.2, and watchOS 2.2, with the iOS 9.3 code including a version for public beta testers.

The iOS 9.3 beta is identified as build 13E5225a, and for developers is available through iOS' Software Update feature, or alternately Apple's developer portal. Public testers must be registered with the Apple Beta Software Program, and should be able to download it through that website, or else Software Update if they're already beta participants.

iOS 9.3 will add a number of features, such as a Night Shift mode, secure Notes, and extra 3D Touch shortcuts. It will also implement a number fo features aimed at schools and enterprise, such as a Classroom app for teachers and more control over apps and home screens. The new beta should restore full Apple Pencil functionality on the iPad Pro.

Little is known so far about the latest tvOS and watchOS betas, aside from their build numbers, which are up to 13Y5220c and 13V5141a respectively. Previous tvOS 9.2 betas have included changes like folders, a new app switcher, voice dictation, and support for MapKit, Bluetooth keyboards, and iCloud Photo Library.

watchOS 2.2's featurelist includes an overhauled Maps app, plus support for pairing multiple Apple Watches to a single iPhone.


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    lowededwookielowededwookie Posts: 1,107member
    Since the previous release of iOS 9.3 beta (the one just before this one) and including this one, Real Racing 3 does not load even if I remove the app then re-add it. It just crashes.

    Anyone else who plays this game get the same issue?
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    I hope the Night Shift mode can be set up to work every day and does not require each time to be activated like annoying and nagging "low power mode" for the battery. I wish you could set it to turn on automatically when it reaches 20% and forget about it....!
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    netmagenetmage Posts: 314member
    Night Shift can be scheduled. 
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    cali4nrcali4nr Posts: 12member
    Installed public beta about two hours ago. Battery went from 95% to 84% during install. Typical morning use so far, usually I arrive at work with well over 70%, and today I'm at 40%. Make that 38%, its dropped two percent as I wrote this comment. 
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