Rumor: Apple working on 'iPhone SE' promo that hints at 4K camera



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    I think I will buy that phone. I really, really hope It'll be an A9 though because I'm upgrading from an iPhone 4S..
    foggyhill said:
    originalg said:
    The big question in my mind is: How thin can this phone be to house an adequately sized battery to last through a day?
    Depends on the screen they put in and if they use 3D touch. If they use the 5s screen and no 3d touch, likely quite a long time as the A9 is much more efficient than the the A8. It will be a slightly underclocked A9 compared to the one in the 6s though.
    Why do you think that the A9 will be underclocked? Do you mean that the M9 will have to feed less pixels than in the iPhone 6S?
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