Apple launches CareKit, a new framework for extended healthcare needs

in General Discussion edited March 2016
Apple on Monday revealed that it is expanding its Health initiatives with a new tool called CareKit, which at launch will be used to help patients at home and on the go.

In tandem with ResearchKit, which helps researchers receive data related to medicine and healthcare, CareKit will allow developers and healthcare professionals to create new types of apps that can help people understand what affects their health.

At launch, a new app focused on Parkinson's disease will be available. It was developed in partnership with six institutions, including Johns Hopkins Medicine, Sanford Medicine, and Emory Healthcare.

Another post-surgery focused app was also created in partnership with Texas Medical Center. It will help to guide patients through the process after they leave the hospital.

Introduced by Apple executive Jeff Williams, he said the possibilities for CareKit and ResearchKit are "limitless." The new open source CareKit will launch in April.


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