Apple's 9.7" iPad Pro discovered to have 2GB of RAM, half that of 12.9" model



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    The price hike is even worse for the 128GB model, an increase of $150 compared to the iPad Air 2.  Now Apple forces you into the Pro by eliminating the iPad Air 2 at 128GB.  And for what...almost $250 in accessories that no one will buy?  All previous iPad updates retained the same price points.  Now Apple admits the iPad sales have been plummeting, so they release an updated iPad and jack up the price.  There are now too many iPad models.  Two mini models are unnecessary.  Since Apple is forcing people into the iPad Pro with the higher capacities, just dump the iPad Air 2.  They can streamline it by dumping the 'Pro' name, which means absolutely nothing.  Adding a pencil does not make it a 'Pro' device.  A faster processor does not make it a 'Pro' device since every refresh included a speed-bumped processor.  They are running out of ideas on how to improve a 6 year old product.  People do not upgrade iPads like they do iPhones with the carrier incentives.
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    rfrmacrfrmac Posts: 90member
    It is a tough choice.  If you look at the specs for both the Pro models, each does different things better.  Neither does all that the other can do.  I suggest that people go to the Apple web site and compare them side-by-side and decide what features are the most important to them.  Apple did not make this easy, especially if your looking to upgrade from your current iPad.
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    mac_128mac_128 Posts: 3,454member
    sog35 said:
    Just like the 6s.  How is that a surprise?
    Contradictory don't you think? If the $399 iPhone SE has the same amount of RAM as a $749 iPhone 6S, then surely all iPP models should ship with 4GB RAM.   

    By your logic iPhone SE should only get 1GB RAM because it's pushing less pixels than iPhone 6S
    I have to say, if I were in the market for an iPhone 6s, and realized I was basically paying a $250 premium for a .7" screen, I'd be a little upset.

    The SE is being sold at an absolutely unbelievable price. I'm going to get the 64GB and that's still $150 less than the base model 6s. It really is too bad Apple isn't offering 128GB, because I would have absolutely bought it since it's virtually the identical phone in a smaller package, and I'm prepared to pay for a 64GB 6s.
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    tyler82 said:
    How is it that these iPad "Pros" are supposed to be laptop replacements? My 8 year old 2008 Macbook Unibody is still far superior to these iPad toys. 2 GHZ 8 GB Ram, a true OS X, I can run Windows and Linux natively, hook it up to my 27" LED Cinema display and have multiple windows open side by side (unlike the two window solution of the iPad pssh) and I can actually use web sites that are too complex for an iPad to handle. The iPad doesn't even have 3D touch contextual menus, much less a robust file system. iPad has a long way to go before I will consider switching out a laptop.

    Only in the minds of tech nerds. For a great many nontechnical people, their computer gets used as an internet / email / social networking / photo sharing & management device and that's about it. In which case, there is no reason for them to have a PC instead of an Ipad.

    Whether they are willing to spend money on an Ipad when they already have a PC is another question, but at least Apple is there with a solution that they might consider getting as a replacement when their PC finally dies.

    I wondering then, If you dont need all this power why the hell would any one drop $750 on an iPad pro + keyboard? I mean you can get a chrome book for $200.  $750 price point for this is just bull. Hell 90% of the iPad apps dont even take advantage of the A8 let alone an a9x. why do you think people are not upgrading their iPads? because what they use them does not require an upgrade , apps dont really take advantage of the CPU/GPU and apple has yet to show what $750 iPad pro has over $750 laptop. Hell they even mock 2/1s saying who would want a touch screen in a laptop but they think people want to touch screen in an iPad that docked to a keyboard? Sorry iOS is just not there yet for a laptop replacement and any one considering ditching there 5 year old PC for one needs to think why they should even spend $750 on a tablet.
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    I'm truly disgusted with Apple's corporate policy of fixing Ram and Storage. To increase these at BTO and POS adds an exorbitant surcharge which does not reflect true wholesale market prices for chips. They even stuck it to the recent MacMini. Cloud storage is slow and not cost-effective. A 1TB Wireless HDD costs considerably less than 1TB of iCloud storage space; My Toshiba 1TB USB3 / WiFi Drive cost £35.00, the same storage space on iCloud is £83.88 Per Annum. More than twice the price and imposes limited file types. My Toshiba drive can also store encrypted iPad, iPhone backups. Streaming HDTV and MKV files are fluid. It's tiny, weighs a few ounces and is mains or self-powered.
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    AI2xxxAI2xxx Posts: 38member
    It's worth mentioning that the A9X in the 9.7 inch iPad Pro has also been underclocked. This is understandable given the constraints of a smaller device, but it's enough of a reason to go with the 12.9 inch version if you desire the most powerful iPad available.

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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,056member
    sog35 said:
    mac_128 said:
    The SE is also said to have 2GB RAM as well.
    Just like the 6s.  How is that a surprise?
    Because it's low end budget phone but has more RAM than mid tier 6/6+...
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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,056member
    sog35 said:
    So why does the $399 iPhone SE have the same amount of RAM as the $749 iPhone Plus?
    Why does a $35k BMW have the same engine as a $60k BMW?

    Stop focusing on only one spec. Look at the entire package.
    Hey Sog, BMW328 has the same engine as in BMW528.
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    singularitysingularity Posts: 1,328member
    sog35 said:
    I know safari tabs and apps refresh much more frequently on the Air 2 than on my iPP. And I would imagine pro-worthy apps and high-end games would welcome the extra RAM. This is just Apple being stingy. Jony Ive and the designers and engineers might be working on the future but unfortunately it's marketing and bean counters that make the final decisions on what configuration is sold to the public. Shame really.
    bean counters? So why is Apple selling a $399 phone?  Just stop.

    You are way out of your depth here. Sorry but you are not qualified to make these type of decisions for a $600 billion company.
    Being out of your depth has never stopped your posts about how to run a $600 billion company.
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    rogifan_newrogifan_new Posts: 4,297member
    sog35 said:
    Processor doesn't really count as every new iPad gets a SOC bump (well except for the mini 3 which was a lame upgrade anyway). Every time Apple announces a new product it's better than its predecessor. 6S has loads of improvements over the 6 but the price didn't change. I was fine with the 9.7" iPP being more expensive because I assumed it was part of a new iPad "pro" family. But skimping out on RAM and USB 3 support is really lame. At least with Macs you can upgrade the RAM. With iPads you're stuck with whatever Apple decides. I know a number of 6 Plus owners wishing their device had more than 1GB RAM. 
    If processors don't count whats the difference between a Macbook Pro and a Macbook Air?

    You don't get to make the rules. Apple does.  Now just sit down and stop being a busy body.  Go run your own $600 billion company.
    That's not the point I was making. Macs and iOS devices usually get refreshed every year with new processors but Apple doesn't raise the price because of it. The iPad Air 1 and 2 have different processors but launched at the same price. iPhone 6S is a better phone than the 6 but Apple didn't raise the price. If Apple wants this 9.7" iPad to be part of the "Pro" family and be a PC replacement (which is how Phil Schiller pitched it) then it should have "Pro" specific hardware and software features. Put the best processor and enoug RAM in the device so developers can make pro-level apps and the device will last for several new versions of iOS. People aren't going to be replacing their $1000 iPP every year (or even 2 years). More RAM in the device allows it to last longer without degrading the UX. Stop with the minimum necessary crap on devices that are not upgradeable.
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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,056member
    People whined about 2GB of RAM. Apple gave you 2GB last year. Now you whine again because you see 4GB in other device but not in 9.7" iPad without justifying why you even need it? Just use your device based on your intended use and tell me if it's lagging because of lacking RAM. 
    I see a lot of people who want 300hp engine in their sedan but never drive faster than 70mph.
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