AT&T enables international Wi-Fi calling with iOS 9.3



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    xmhillx said:
    It does not handoff. I called and confirmed that there is no such technology yet. 
    Can you explain the details of who you called and what was confirmed?

    Other commenters are saying it either works flawlessly, really well, or decently. So I'm curious why your statement contradicts those comments. Especially that "there is no such technology yet".

    Otherwise, if there's no good explanation, wtf kind of statement is that? Did you make that up, that the technology doesn't exist yet? It's even part of the description of Wifi calling. Seamless and automatic switching to and from wifi calling. The catch is, you have to be in an HD Voice covered area for ATT. This is from ATT's website on wifi calling:

      When using Wi-Fi Calling in the U.S., if HD Voice coverage is available when your Wi-Fi connection is lost, your call will switch to cellular and continue without a break. This does not apply to 911 calls.If your Wi-Fi connection is lost, your call will drop in these cases: (1) You are not in HD Voice coverage (for example, you are in 3G or 4G coverage). (2) Your device is in airplane mode. (3) You are making a 911 call. (4) You are traveling outside the U.S.
    Wow. Moody?

    As someone earlier pointed out, it only hands off if you have HD calling in your area. 

    No I didn't make it up. I called ATT and inquired. There is no handoff unless you have HD calling. I, and most people, do not have that available. 
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    I can only attest to my experiences, and I'm tech savvy, so here's what has worked for me. A. I specifically received an sms message from AT&T on both my iPhone 6s, and iPadPro LTE .**Detailing the need to Activate in Settings and {at that exact time - verify the address for emergency services to respond to}, the settings change was more of an explanation, vs the input of address part.), which btw was not my address it was a temp residence from 3 years ago- which I thought was strange & why I mentioned it. I live in an area where Comcast dominates signal coverage, Western Mass, and whenever I leave my house, with the "wifi" letters next the antenna signal at the left, ( my home Xfinity Network) I almost never, literally never lose that coverage, it merely changes over to their Xfinity Wifi default open network. ****Here's where 'I found' the key to my own consistent service, I downloaded the Xfinity, ( or whatever carrier you use) WiFi app, and ,"IT PROMPTED ME TO INSTALL THE VPN SSL CERTIFICATE, WHICH NOW SHOWS UNDER MY VPN'S'. Furthermore after downloading Skype Wifi, I know have Xfinity Wifi/Skype Wifi under Network wifi connections. Handoff works from all my devices, with occasional 'hiccups', but I really don't find: A. Many calls I need to change devices on, and simultaneously leave my Studio Office, B. Any call I need, WANT to continue, along with carrying equipment, planners/wallet/keys/etc., really it's quite unresourceful IMHO, to 'If on a call of such Business Urgency' want to attempt to think of all I need, and maintain focus on the call in hand, but that's just me. The big thing is the installed SSL Certs under VPN'S "I think, that is an important link in the consistency of WiFi Call coverage, I just looked at mine it says Xfinity Wifi, (but it's the one I connect to to get the WFi to show on the phone. GoodLuck ,
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