Apple halts iOS 9.3 updates for older iPads, iPhones after activation issues [u]



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    cambo said:
    So it’s Apple’s fault if you forget your passwords? 
    "Updating some iOS devices (iPhone 5s and earlier and iPad Air and earlier) to iOS 9.3 can require entering the Apple ID and password used to set up the device [emphasis added] in order to complete the software update," Apple said.

    One of the problems is for people who changed their AppleID password sometime between when they originally set up their older iDevices and now. Their current AppleID password is considered wrong when trying to update now. Once an AppleID password is reset/changed, the old password should never be used again. So, it's not a matter of people forgetting their passwords, especially since users reported entering their current password several time and double checking their current password. In this case, it is Apple's fault. 
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    5s, 5, ipad2 - no problem ipad4 - completely stuffed, won't shutdown easy, won't restart easy, won't restore in iTunes.
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    My issue may be a bit unique. I have an iphone 4s with a Verizon Wireless North America Share Plan account. We travel between the usa and Mexico often. Well, on my way back to Mexico on Tuesday, I saw that ios 9.3 was available. When I got to Mexico I installed it, but it required the phone to be reactivated. Catch: According to Verizon Wireless, I cannot reactivate this phone from outside of the USA. So, I am now stuck without a phone until I return to the usa in July to reactivate it. ARGGGG!!! The *228 dialed here gives a multi-level phone tree in spanish. It definitely is not as easy as option 1 and is is done. Option 1 here leads to 10 sub-options.
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