Apple iPhone SE teardown reveals mashup of iPhone 5 & 6 series chips, few new parts



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    brakkenbrakken Posts: 687member

    mcarling said:
    ireland said:
    I've noticed this odd pattern of women liking larger phones over guys.
    Typically, women have handbags and long fingers.
    What. The. Fuck. ?
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    rob53 said:
    I have long fingers too and I'm not a woman. You might have been a little more accurate if you said slender fingers or added long finger nails but even these comments would have been sexist instead of (possibly) sarcastic because both men and women of all ages have various size hands, fingers, and even finger nails. As for only women having handbags, I've seen a lot of men using larger phones and small tablets, putting those devices in all sorts of carrying devices (pockets, briefcases, backpacks, side bags). 
    Calm down, Rob, I doubt he meant any harm by his comment. 
    And that's the whole point of sexism - don't think about it and if it happens, 'Oh, it wasn't deliberate.' Ridiculous attitudes musn't be excused. 
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    wizard69 said:
    beltsbear said:
    In the auto biz it is not.  When Ford uses the engine of the Mustang in the Ranger or the HVAC controls of one SUV in another vehicle the auto magazines refer to it as reaching into the 'Ford parts bin'.  It is not a negative connotation unless the part itself is dated.  In the case of the A9, certainly not a bad thing to pull that from the 'parts bin'.
    I think the overall tone of the article is the problem.  
    I agree. If we want negative bs about Apple, there's always fox or huff or cnet. 

    The SE represents a huge opportunity with minimal investment. Most the people I've spoken to about it and want one are thrilled with the specs. 

    My only concern is no 3DTouch which will lead to fragmenting. 
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    brakken said:

    My only concern is no 3DTouch which will lead to fragmenting. 
    How so? As I see it now, 3D Touch is merely a shortcut for something the App already does in a more complex way. The device either has it, or it doesn't. Mot people do not use other's phones, so it's not like a computer in the sense that a customer won't know how to do something essential on another device they may be using. When they upgrade to a device with 3D Touch, they learn how to use it then. In the meantime, all those with the tech will learn how to use it. If they had kept selling the 5s, this would still be a problem. And the 6 will also perpetuate the problem as long as Apple continues to sell it as well. The SE will be quite popular and put a few more phones into circulation than had Apple not released it, but it's not likely to fracture the user base anymore than it already would have, to the extent it's a problem at all.
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