White House won't publicly back legislation allowing judges to order decryption - report



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    designrdesignr Posts: 502member
    volcan said:
    Despite recent comments by President Obama, the White House won't publicly support upcoming draft legislation that would let judges order companies like Apple to help decrypt their products, a report said on Thursday.

    What does "won't publicly support" actually mean? Will he veto it if the bill is sent to his desk?
    I was wondering the same thing. Why the qualifier. That typically means something else is going on and the phrasing gives wiggle room for later.

    Remember this is the same guy that declared, absolutely, that no one (besides him I presume) can take an "absolutist" position on this issue.
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    CMA102DLCMA102DL Posts: 121member
    The Govt just keeps taking our rights away. Our taxes ar work...let's fire these bozos.
    tallest skil
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