Reddit introduces new official iPhone app, Spark email updates with watchOS 2 support

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Reddit on Thursday introduced a new official iPhone app with bonuses for early adopters, while Readdle updated its Spark email app, adding features like watchOS 2 support.

The new Reddit client replaces Alien Blue, a third-party app bought out by Reddit in 2014. Its interface is divided into four tabs, including a user's front page, subscriptions, messages, and personal profile/settings. From the profile tab, users can check their link and comment karma, saved comments, and other information.

Notably, people who sign into the app within the first week are being given three free months of Reddit Gold, which offers benefits like themes, ad-free browsing, and new comment highlights. People who purchased Alien Blue Pro are being awarded four years of Gold.

The new app is a free download and runs on iPhones and iPods with iOS 7.1 or later. It so far lacks a native iPad interface, although the desktop website should display properly in iOS browsers like Safari and Chrome.


Spark, updated to v1.6.1, now properly supports watchOS 2. This includes making itself available in complication form for Apple's official watchfaces.

Other improvements include custom Quick Reply sync between iPhones and iPads, and the ability to Snooze or Pin apps in bulk, instead of individually.

Spark is a free download, and runs on any device with iOS 8.3 or better.
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