Apple Store logos go green, Apple's website promotes Liam the robot for Earth Day

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A week before Earth Day, Apple has changed the leaf on its logo at retail stores to green, and also provided retail employees with green shirts. Apple's website is also prominently featuring "Liam," the robot that the company uses to quickly disassemble devices for recycling.

Photo via The Telegraph.

Around the world, Apple Store lighted logos are illuminated green on the leaf portion of Apple's iconic logo. It's become an annual tradition for the company, though this year it's celebrating a full week early before Earth Day.

As with years past, employees have also been supplied with green uniform shirts and nametags.

The Apple Store is celebrating Earth Day. #earthday #green #apple #brussels

— WJPM (@WouterJPMelotte)

On Apple's website, the top featured link provides visitors with more information about the company's environmental initiatives. Leading the way is "Liam," Apple'd disassembly robot that can take apart up to 1.2 million phones a year. Liam was first made public last month at the unveiling of the iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

On Thursday, Apple also launched an "Apps for Earth" promotion on the App Store, with select downloads sharing proceeds with the World Wildlife Fund. A total of 27 apps, including Angry Birds 2, hearthstone and Enlight will donate all earnings to the WWF through April 24.

Apple takes its environmental initiatives seriously, and has pushed hard to promote Earth Day for years. Last year, it rewarded employees at its Cupertino campus with a performance by Pharrell.


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    I've heard that Liam has a particular set of skills...
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    I will find you. Take your iPhone. And disassemble it.
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    NemWanNemWan Posts: 118member
    Looks like Pantone 368, the shade of green in the old rainbow Apple logo. Like the colors want to come out but we have to be grown up.
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