Apple activates web previews for select Apple TV apps

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited April 2016
As part of ongoing efforts to build out its new tvOS App Store, Apple on Tuesday activated iTunes web previews for fourth-generation Apple TV apps, allowing potential buyers to browse current offerings without turning on their television.

As seen in the image above, web previews for tvOS apps feature the usual screenshots, release information, customer ratings and links to related apps. The new feature was first spotted by developer Jeff Scott, whose app TV has been indexed for web preview, and later reported by MacStories.

It seems Apple is currently in the process of rolling out support, as many tvOS apps are not yet available for viewing. Additionally, web versions are restricted to desktop browsers, though it is likely that Apple will include support for iOS devices in the near future. The web previews also lack purchase and download buttons, though the pages do include metadata for sharing through social media.

Prior to today's change, customers had no way of viewing and sharing tvOS titles on the web, and were thus relegated to previewing apps directly on fourth-generation Apple TV hardware. The new capability is expected to foster increased customer engagement and higher visibility for app developers.


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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,307member
    Good move.
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    "Activates". ;) in case you could not figure it out.
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    I do have old Apple TV so I did not make any research but I can not buy ATV apps on iPhone or iPad or in iTunes on computer? 8-O
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    @frantisek If your iPhone/iPad app has an AppleTV 4th gen app equivalent, purchasing it for iPhone/iPad also purchases it for the AppleTV.
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