Study: Apple Watch price drop goosed sales 250%, iPhone SE popular among switchers



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    WTF is "goosed?"
    You're either young, or not an American. 
    In England (not sure about USA) it can have a slightly more naughty meaning too. ;)
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    ronn said:

    And I always thought it meant pinching someone's bottom.
    I'm old. If I remember correctly from my New England summers, it's what boys acting silly did to each in the locker room, but didn't include the bum/bottom. :neutral: 
    In my youth it was a heterosexual activity, usually resulting in either a date or a black eye.  LOL
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    sdbryansdbryan Posts: 351member
    ...The latter statistic is important to Apple's growth strategy, which finds the $399 SE positioned as an entry-level handset to the iPhone 6 and flagship iPhone 6s....

    The iPhone SE is not "entry-level" in terms of price or performance. It is far more expensive than the price of actual "entry-level" smart phones. It also has the same damn processor as the so called flagship iPhones so it is not lacking in performance. The only obvious limitation is that Apple chose to offer only 64GB rather than 128GB as the maximum configuration.

    The anecdotal evidence shows that Apple badly underestimated demand (i.e. the long wait times for delivery) and one can only hope they respond by keeping the "best" form factor reasonably up to date. I waited out two years to buy this model so two years is about when I might be ready to update. I don't foresee ever buying a phablet because Apple does sell this product called the iPad.
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    stevehsteveh Posts: 480member
    2 : to increase the activity, speed, power, intensity, or amount of : spur

    And I always thought it meant pinching someone's bottom.
    It does that, too. Even been nipped by a goose?

    The typical reaction of someone so assaulted pretty much explains the other meanings of the term.
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