Wall Street remains optimistic about 'iPhone 7' & Apple's 2017 after Q2 declines



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    adamcadamc Posts: 582member
    The current perfected system has become boring, they should innovate to manage iOS devices by cloud creating profiles under a device tree, they should open up Maps to work on any platform or browser.  Quit f**king around isolating their products if they can't make the best commercials and advertising to sell the products, the hype machine is depleting.
    You really think it is so easy to innovate?
    Has anyone one comes up with something new. What they did is tack on something that is different but the challenged good folks outside will say it is innovation.
    Apple have never isolate their products only WS did and all Apple products are closely integrated.
    Yes Apple should be taken as a whole and not iPhone, iPad, etc.
    No need to say you are not a troll and only trolls wrote whatever you had written.
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    Billions of dollars in profit, but the stock drops 6%. Seems a bit backwards to me. Maybe Wallstreet should be looking at profit and not units sold? You can't continue to sell more of something when you dominate the market.
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    badmonkbadmonk Posts: 1,072member
    Wow...surprised by the haters here.  As a longtime member of the Apple religion, I think Apple products are as well-crafted, well-engineered and long-lived as ever.  The latest iOS and OS-X have been crazy stable and so well integrated.

    The Apple Watch is going to be a sleeper hit because we are now expecting that things on our wrist need to be smart.  By the third generation it will be a monster.

    Yes iTunes sucks...but Apple Music is getting better.

    We cannot blame Tim Cook for currency headwinds or economic trouble in China or the tough compares to the iPhone 6 cycle.

    I am more optimistic about Apple's LT prospects than ever.  If WS doesn't get it than Apple show just buy itself over the next decade.  We are the most loyal religion ever.  Once you go iPhone you never go back.

    It used to be you would here battles between droid owners and iOS owners about the superiority of their beliefs.  Most of the droid owners i know now are buying them for cost issues.

    We have the long game on our side.
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