ANZ is first Australian bank to support Apple Pay



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    anomeanome Posts: 1,526member

    cnocbui said:
    anome said:
    Bugger. I was hoping it might push the others to extract their digits and rush it out.
    You could switch banks.

    I'd rather not. It would involve a lot of faffing about, and ANZ aren't really any better than the one I'm with now. Plus I can already use my AmEx card on Apple Pay, so it's not as important as it was.

    Hopefully, there isn't an exclusivity deal for the reasons someone pointed out above. It does seem a bit dodgy, not that the banks are above being dodgy.

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    subbiessubbies Posts: 71member
    I have been using Apple Pay for the past two days now and I must say it's easy and fun to use. No seems to know what I'm doing with my phone but when it says "transaction accept" they just say, ok thanks. 
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    anomeanome Posts: 1,526member
    Interesting that ANZ have got signs up saying "Apple Pay arrives in Australia, thanks to ANZ". ignoring the fact that we've had it for nigh on 6 months via AmEx. Which is kind of annoying.
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