Apple CareKit platform goes live with four health apps

in iPhone edited April 2016
Apple on Thursday flipped the switch on its new CareKit framework, a health-minded platform that lets developers build advanced software solutions for tracking, managing and reporting medical conditions.

Announced in March, CareKit is an open-source tool similar in function to Apple's ResearchKit, but on a much smaller scale. Instead of nationwide medical studies, CareKit is designed to facilitate the secure collection of user health data, either for personal use or sharing with healthcare professionals.

According to TechCrunch, the launch is limited to four apps geared toward iPhone users: fertility tracker Glow Nurture; maternity app Glow Baby; diabetes monitoring app One Drop; and depression medication tracker Start. Apple is also making CareKit available on GitHub starting today.

Developers using CareKit are able to integrate four key interactive modules into their apps. First up is the Care Card, which can be configured to manage wellness tasks like medication consumption and exercise. The Progress Card contains a Symptom and Measurement tracker for logging physical indicators like pain levels, hunger and heart rate, the latter of which might be integrated with Apple Watch. Care Card and Progress Card data can be viewed and compared in the Insight Dashboard module. Finally, the Connect module lets users share their health data with medical practitioners.

CareKit is also compliant with major healthcare records systems, including Epic, making it easy to securely share personal health data with a number of supporting hospitals and doctors.


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    Looks interesting i'm gonna test this and find out this tools later.
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    This is why iPhones are preferred folks! 

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    jcraigjcraig Posts: 30member
    My Philips CPAP machine has an app on which you can see data supplied by the machine (hours of use, AHI, any mask leakage, etc.). I've wished that this data was able to integrate with the Health app, maybe this is the ticket to make that possible?
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    fallenjtfallenjt Posts: 4,051member
    This is why iPhones are preferred folks! 

    Absolutely. I wouldn't put my health data in an Android phone.
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