Intel splits on Atom after the mobile relevance of x86 whacked by Apple's Ax



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    knowitall said:
    mattinoz said:
    So why stick to x86 instruction set?
    Couldn't they work an open source complier like LLVM to bypass x86 code and compile straight to their internal rise instruction set.
    Get control over the pipeline that way. 
    When you have the source code of an application you can compile directly to RISC code, but the problem is that most sources are not open and you have to wait for the company that owns it to recompile, it could also very well be that such a company doesn't exist anymore.

    Without the source you can translate the binaries of an existing program ahead of time (instead of on chip on the fly like it's done now) and maybe improve upon the pipeline prediction (and emulation) because it is possible to spend a lot of time on the translation; the system can cache the result somewhere on the file system (as a shadow program) so you can execute it directly a second time.

    But the resulting RISC code is still not as optimal as it could be because the translation is only based on low level code, high level code info is also needed to get the best out of pipelining.
    I thought Apple had been using LLVM IR for Universal Binaries for a fair while now (from the original intel transition from memory). Wouldn't that mean all software that runs on an intel Mac would then be ready to take advantage of the new compiler to take IR to intel internal RISC?

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    knowitall said:
    melgross said:
    You might not think so, but a number of publications have already mentioned this as happening, and Qualcomm has stated that a major customer, assumed to be Apple, has cut orders by almost 50%. You need to stop talking about something that isn't really true. I don't know you get the idea that Intel's modems are the same as the old infinion's.
    You don't know that either, so stop taking about that yourself.
    But my reasoning is sound, code bases like that have a long shelf life, if Intel could make the modems themselfs buying Infinion (modem division) makes no sense.
    I'm talking from experience and I know one or two thing about this, but I never stated it is a fact (otherwise I would have done so), It's my opinion and I voice than when I want.

    Actually, it's public information. Those in the industry have stated that it could only be Apple, and we do know that Apple has been in talks with Intel about modems. This is not new information, it's even been reported here.

    heres one article. It's believed, more recently, that things have progressed further between the two since then:

    many companies buy another so to jump start development. Apple has done that numerous times. They bought several CPU design companies, a couple 3D GPU companies, part of Imagination, but just made the mistake of not buying the entire company. They buy software companies all the time, and many of Apple's software products were originally from third parties. Nothing new about this.
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