Apple's Tim Cook, Jony Ive among most influential people in automotive tech



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    cnocbuicnocbui Posts: 3,613member
    cali said:
    A Goog guy is number 1?

    not sure how that's any better than Tim and Ivy bring on the list.
    Google self driving cars have driven over 1.5 Million miles.  Tim Cook and Ive have only driven rumours, and you aren't sure why Google's contribution/influence is more noteworthy?   Your SJ reality distortion field must be working overtime.
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    clock07clock07 Posts: 39member
    Apple's best shot would be to join forces with Tesla, help it ramp M 3 production swiftly and further spur development of "even more affordable" EV. Better partner than Tesla will not arise for at least 9-10 years and that's the least arduous way for Apple to join the ballpark. 
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,727member
    In all fairness they are probably going on Apple's history of disruption.  I do believe that Automakers are nervous as all get out right now.
    Click bait and Time are stirring the 'proverbial' IMHO  LOL.   Wait for all the usual comments ...  "You can't enter an industry you know nothing about and expect to succeed!" 
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,727member

    ac1234 said:
    Pure, unadulterated crap / rubbish.  The more Cook blows smoke and the media hacks inhale it the more apparent it becomes why AAPL is in trouble.  All smoke & hype.
    Apple is in 'trouble' for just having the second best quarter in corporate history, not beating the best quarter in corporate history which was ...yes ... you guessed it, Apple (over  the Christmas period I should add).  Yep, that's real 'trouble.'   I bet quite a few other companies would love to have Apple's troubles.
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    Cobra101Cobra101 Posts: 22member
    woodbine said:
    Please Apple, don't waste your energy on an EV for the wealthy, make a car that will solve city car congestion and make it affordable for the rest of us.


    Does not compute.
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    jbdragonjbdragon Posts: 2,311member
    Is this some wishful thinking? Because Apple hasn't even announced a car. How could they at all be remotely Influential in Automotive tech. Carplay? That's just silly. On the other hand TIME has done so many dumb things over the years. So this is not a new thing for TIME to do.
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    igorskyigorsky Posts: 754member
    Love these posts. People seem to forget that Apple wasn't a phone company, a watch company, or a music company at one point. Worked out pretty well for them.
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