Apple debunks rumors that it will stop selling iTunes downloads



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    mac_128 said:
    crowley said:

    That's a completely different rumour; one that did come to pass. 
    Wait, are you saying that AI previously reported on a highly unlikely story, which Apple debunked the same day, but then actually came to pass less than a year later? Shocking. Guess there's no chance that could happen again here, with the exact same services and spokesperson issuing rare same day denials. Good thing AI didn't originally report this new rumor then.
    Depends on your criteria for "highly unlikely" I suppose. Ditching Beats Music didn't come as a surprise to many, it wasn't a big deal in terms or revenue, users, mindshare, or association with Apple. iTunes downloads on the other hand...
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    kevin kee said:
    razormaid said:
    That said...
    have you ever tried to BUY a song you heard in Apple Music?  I must have clicked 20 different links. They do NOT want you to buy anything!  i had to literally exit Apple Music and enter the iTunes music app. 

    There may be something to this. Otherwise why not "hear a song -> like a song -> but that song?"

    I've mentioned this before, but it's worth mentioning again: "just because you can buy music and see it in the iTunes Store does NOT mean Apple has a contract to allow it to stream in Apple Music."

    Case in point: classical music.
    I work on commercial dance music all day long as a dance remixer. When I'm not working I ONLY listen to classical. I tested Apple Music and it only had 1% of the classical music found in the "buy music" site. Had they had even 50% of the titles, I would have kept Apple Music but for me it was terrible. To see this yourself pick a popular title "The Messiah". On Apple Music there's 6 recordings. On the iTunes buy music site there's 1,000's of recordings. 

    If Apple could get new contracts on all titles (that's because you need one contract to sell and a completely different one to stream) to allow streaming of all the 'paid for songs' from iTunes Store,  yes I would consider, but it will never happen!
    Just for testing, searching Messiah in my Music app generates a thousand songs from Handel's Messiah. is that what you are looking for?
    Remember The Mesdiah" it's self consists of 28 songs "per recording". So you have to look at just the actual amount of "albums" not "songs" from the Messiah.  It's the choice of different "choirs/ conductors" (different album choices) I was referring to.  I was stating all those 1,000+ found in the iTunes Store are not available in the streaming service side. 

    You'll see that when you open the "stream only" service. It only offers up extremely limited choices (classical music) compared to using the iTunes APP (which is where you can actually purchase music).

    In the "purchased" app there's thousands to choose from but because APPLE MUSIC is a streaming only service requiring a new separate, NEW additional contract between the record company and Apple for that very reason APPLE MUSIC streaming service is limited in choices. 

    Look, my point was:
    All that stuff you see -> in the iTunes music store?.... it's NOT available -> in APPLE MUSIC streaming service where you pay a monthly fee. I

     took the time to write this (now twice) because I'm guessing the average person does not know that fact. Most people (myself included) just assumes the choices in the "buy" store are the same in the "stream" service, but it not... not by a long shot. They are completely different "companies" requiring completely different "contract arrangements" between record company and Apple. 
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    Music subscription is horrible, downloads are soulless and without much fun.
    The future of music and movies is concrete again.
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    I find it hard to believe that Apple could stop selling downloads in two years.
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