OLED iPhone with curved screen could appear in 2018, research forecasts



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    foggyhill said:
    SnRa said:
    Displaymate's review of the Galaxy Note 3 in 2013:

    "OLED display technology is now challenging and even exceeding the performance of the best LCDs across the board in brightness, contrast, color accuracy, color management, picture quality, screen uniformity, and viewing angles. OLEDs are also considerably thinner than LCDs but still cost considerably more to manufacture."

    Challenging is not fucking statistically significantly beating it and those screen still had horrible burn in; so what;s your point buddy.,
    OLED has truly not been competitive in most metrics until 2015 and 2016 : that's it.

    You do notice that's this is god damn 2013 and that turd master Samsung introduced the tech when in that a flaming piece of crap. Apple doesn't do that.

    Why do you take it so personally and can't be just objective at what's best. I truly wish it was the iPhone with its lcd screen. But when you're objective and really compare you'll have to admit that Amoled has the advantage here. When Apple comes out in 2018 with an super Amoled display (made by Samsung or LG) you probably praise the iPhone again. Apple is falling behind and the numbers won't lie. I hate seeing this happening but they're too slow with new introductions. At least be respectful and tolerate other opinions. 
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